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Factors you should consider to make good real estate investments in Canada

Investing in real estate is an activity geared towards maximum profit making, and to achieve that, one would need to know how to make good real estate investments. There are a number of factors to consider when make investment decisions, as they could either mean a profitable turnout, or a loss. In order to avoid loss in your business venture, you should consider these factors so you can be on the safe side during your investment process.

Without much talk, let’s jump right into these factors, and how you can use them to your advantage and secure your profit making.


  • Location


A property’s location is extremely essential due to various factors like security and accessibility. This is what your potential customers are considering, so you should consider it too. A place with very poor amenities, or high rate of critical amenities not only reduce your chance of having a good deal, but also puts the wellbeing of your customer in jeopardy. Also, the centrality of a place to useful facilities is also very important.  A place with easy access to social amenities, which will make living easy for your customers.

When making a real estate investment decision, make it a good point to ensure the location is favorable, both in terms of security and accessibility. If you get this factor right, you can be sure of making a good deal, leading to much better profit making.


  • Required Repairs


Repairs required in the property you are considering is also a very huge factor you should contemplate. As you might have encountered, most real estate deals you might get will need a few repairs to make it accommodative. While some of these properties require few repairs, others need lots of repairs and you should, if possible, avoid such properties. They will go as far as limiting how much you generate from the deal, as well as how long it will take for the property to be ready.

If, however, the profit to be made far surpasses how much it will take for repairs, you can go ahead to acquire the property. For instance, the property may be in a well located place, with good security and better access to basic facilities. If after making adequate research, you discover prospects are willing to pay a high price for such property, then you can proceed cautiously with the repairs, ensuring your intended profit remains intact.


  • The class and structure of the building


This is the 3rd and last important factor that should be considered. What kind of structure should you be setting up? After you have decided the location and the required repairs needed for the property to be deemed OK, you should then consider the type of building and its structure.

Now, I assume you have already considered the type of customers you want to buy or rent your property. If you haven’t, now is a great time to do so. You can ask yourself questions like who are the major type of people in that environment? Is it a corporate environment, where there is high number of office buildings and still stands a chance of being more urbanized?  It is very crucial that you ask yourself these questions as they can add to your research and contribute to your success in good deal makings.

Back to the structure of the property. If you intend the building for students, then you plan your building based on students’ activities and how they live. This may mean planning for a building with small rooms or dormitories, in order for a room to accommodate 2 or more students. On the other hand, if it is an office space, there’s another way to put the structure. Whatever purpose you intend the building to perform, your structure should follow its purpose.

The structure plays an important role to making good real estate investments as an investor and if done right, will increase your returns made on such investment. A good structure can go as far as attracting potential customers, especially if they see how such a building can be perfectly used to serve their purpose.


Making good real estate investments is totally dependent on how well you use the factors guiding the establishment of the property involved. When everything is done right, it increases the investor’s chance of having good sales and making profit.

The location of such a property plays paramount importance as it spells what could be gained by living in that particular area. A place with impressive security, and good access to basic amenities is attractive to prospective customers, and will therefore generate good deals. Also the amount of repairs needed is just as important. Any repairs that will reduce your profits to the barest minimum should be avoided. Making adequate calculations before engaging on such renovations is going to save you a lot of time and effort than getting into it, and then realizing too late that the cost of repair is way too much. The structure of the building, as previously discussed, should also be considered. Getting a good structure for the building is going to attract the right customers who want to use the property, and are willing to pay amount for it.

For the sake of summary, let’s go over, in a list, the 3 major factors we just discussed in making good real estate investments.

  1. Location
  2. Required Repairs
  3. The class and structure of the building

These 3 factors listed above are very important in planning an investment in real estate, as they form the major foundations of a profitable property. Take them into consideration whenever you are considering buying a real estate property, and you can be assured of profitability. You have just learned something big on how profitable real estate investments are made. It won’t be fair to just have this piece of info floating around on the web, without your friends reading them. So, remember to share.

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